SWOT 3rd Science Team Meeting 2018 (26-29 June 2018)

The third SWOT Science Team Meeting will be held in Montreal on June 26-29, 2018.

The overall objective of the meeting is to discuss science and data processing issues in preparation for SWOT altimetry mission to be launched in 2021.

The MEOM group has followed the preparation of SWOT altimetry mission since the early 2010’. As we are now getting closer to the mission launch, we are very excited to attend our next meeting in Montreal where several group members will present their work.

  • Laura Gomez Navarro will present a synthesis of the groups activities in terms of denoising and reconstruction methods for SWOT ocean data;
  • Adekunle Ajayi will present results on the variability of eddy scales in the North Atlantic on the basis of NATL60 model data;
  • Redouane Lguensat will show how Convolutional Neural Networks may be used for the inversion of SWOT ocean data.

Our delegation will also comprise Emmanuel Cosme and Julien Le Sommer, the two co-Is of our SWOT CNES funded project and Jacques Verron (Ocean-Next).

We are looking forward to see you there.

PS : Results and research movies on the inversion of SWOT ocean data will be regularly posted on our Youtube channel.