MEOM : a computational oceanography research group at IGE

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The main objectives of the MEOM team are the study of the role of the ocean in the variability of the climate system, the development of numerical methods for the analysis and prediction of the marine environment, and the contribution to space oceanography (see the "Research themes" page for more details).

For more than 40 years, MEOM has been developing its technical expertise in various aspects of numerical oceanography, in particular modelling tools, the performance of frontier simulations on high performance computing architectures, and inversion and data assimilation methods and tools.

Our projects are closely linked to French, European and international research programs dedicated to climate, environment, and numerical modelling. The team members maintain close links with many national and international groups. These collaborations are particularly active with the DRAKKAR and NEMO consortia, with the Mercator Océan International operational oceanography centre and the CMEMS marine service of the Copernicus program, as well as with space agencies (CNES, NASA, ESA, ISRO).

The MEOM team activities organized along three axes: